Wednesday, June 01, 2005

New New Librarians Committee

The library recently brought together a committee of new librarians (5 years experience or less). The idea is that the new librarians want to contribute to the library as a whole, and learn some stuff along the way. We had one meeting last week, and the ideas were a-flyin'. We settled on two projects. The first is to develop "spend a day in a department" program, where new hires can elect to shadow an employee in a different area of the library. This is great, as personally I'm scared of small children and would like to become a better interpreter of their questions by spending a day in the Youth Services reference department. The second program that we're tackling is to offer programming for the 20s - 30s age set. They seem to have forgotten that the library exists. We're trying to pull them back in by offering programs like buying your first home, surviving the first job interview, container gardening for apartments, etc.

Another idea is to have a Next Gen Friends group, like the Kansas City Public Library. We're also tossing around the idea of having the group meet at a different social location each month, built around a theme. We have a blues restaurant here in town; the Young Friends could meet for dinner and discuss a book about music, blues, etc. The library is a very nice place to meet, but probably won't draw people in for social activities. Unless we provide lots and lots of wine. And cheese.

Anybody else doing something like this?


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