Friday, April 15, 2005

Just Dreadful

After two emails from the American Library Association reminding me to e-vote for a new president and councilmembers, I logged onto the site. What a mess. On the site are are 84 names up for council positions. I've been in the library profession since 1998, but didn't recognize many of the names. So, to make an informed decision instead of just clicking on someone's name because I liked the sound if it, I attempted to read the biographies. After frustrating amount of time, I had skimmed through all of 16 biographies. It took thirty seconds, once I clicked on the bio link, for it to appear, and then an additional 20-30 seconds to get back to the list of candidates (trust me; I timed it.) This is at 2:35 on a Friday, on a T-1 line.

I picked 12 out of 36 and gave up. Come on, ALA, aren't librarians supposed to be tech-saavy? Why can't your voting site, which was pushed so heavily, work better?


Blogger Angel, librarian and educator said...

Thank goodness it was not just me. I tried voting as well, and after trying to inform myself with the biographies and so on, had to give up to. At least you got to 12. I don't think I was able to get that far, and I have a fast connection too. Overall, ever since ALA "redesigned" their website, it seems you can't find anything on it.

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