Thursday, March 31, 2005

Learning Curve

Every time I do something kinda dumb I'm reminded about how great it is to work in a library. Case in point... I ordered a CD listening station, where we'll pre-load a couple of discs for patrons' grooving enjoyment. (We need a little more grooving in libraries.) But alas I forgot that the thing would actually need a power source. It won't run on my good wishes and fairy dust. So now I'm scrambling to figure out how to get an outlet installed and dreading asking for more dough to get it done.

The point is, it's good to work in a library because everyday I'm reminded that we're all on a life-long learning curve. Each time a patron approaches the desk and asks a question, I'm reminded that we don't know it all, and we never will. Granted, mine was an oversight, but I probably won't make the same mistake again. That's what's great about working in a library - we keep learning, along with our patrons, and there's no end to the capacity of what's out there.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Warm Fuzzy

Volunteering has always been near and dear to my heart... but when it's combined with books and libraries, well, rock on. I just discovered a library-volunteer program through Global Volunteers. So you go to the Cook Islands, which are located somewhere to the left of Peru, in the South Pacific Ocean. Then the weeks (2-3) are spent gloriously cataloging books and helping out the local library, or building trails through the protected forests, or lounging on the beach during free time. If this sounds just too cushy for you, check out the World Library Partnership. Unfortunately, their programs are not active right now (so donate to kick-start them again, will ya?) but, they send librarians to Africa to help set up libraries and assist with the local book fair. I spoke with the Executive Director of WLP, Laura Wendell, a few months ago about the program. She said that as long as you can stand a 20-hour flight and living out of a suitcase for four weeks, you're qualified.

If I can stop buying shoes, I'm planning to head out to the Cook Islands next summer. (Oh, and the cost of the trip is tax-deductible, unlike the pair of mules that I bought last week.)