Thursday, February 17, 2005

Your Home Library and You

The New York Times recently featured a cataloging librarian and her home-library book organization scheme. Basically, the librarian didn't follow Dewey or LC, perferring to use her own home-grown method of organization for 214 feet of bookcases. That's fabulous. I think librarians are somewhat constrained by ol' Dewey's point of view on subject arrangement at work, so we get all crazy with our personal collections.

I have my own weird system. Most people that visit our house are shocked that the books aren't strictly regulated by Dewey, standing at attention on our bookshelves. I do have special sections for ex-pat and travel fiction and non-fiction, books that my mom has given me, titles about Christianity, and then... everything else. But it works, it really does.

And the books featured on the bottom shelf are quite tasty, according to Miss Buns and her unstoppable chewing habit. Oh, well, at least it's just the old high school year books that she's munching on. What better way to get dispose of my 1991 high school photo, the one where my bangs are sprayed to equisite heights?


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