Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Where In the World?

...Did all the Open WorldCat records go? I searched Google yesterday to try and find results from the search engine to our library's catalog. Has the interest in this project fallen off that quickly, that the results are buried three or four or fifteen pages back?

The much more efficient way to find the links to the Open WorldCat records is to install the Yahoo toolbar, which has an option to search libraries only. It popped right up.

This is a positive project in theory. But, how many of our patrons really know about this feature? How do we explain it to them? Why would they plow through dozens of hits from booksellers to finally find the library's catalog link? It just doesn't seem feasible.

Or maybe I'm just grumpy because it's dreary outside and 30 degrees. Someone get me a sunlamp, please!


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