Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Let It Snow

Ahhh... the first snow storm of the season. It's a pretty mess of wet, globby flakes. A great day to be cozily working away in the library.

Snow and cold temperatures are good in my book 'cause it's the perfect excuse to buy a really fabulous hat. I wish that wearing a beautifully made hat everyday was still in style. (I'm not counting baseball hats here.)

A Whole New Genre

I've gotten into some bad habits lately - watching way too much TV and reading the same books over and over again. I blame the overdose of TV on the cold weather that inevitably has come to the Midwest, but I'm at a loss to explain why I keep cracking open the same books that I've already read six times. (My repeats most often include Bill Bryson and Christopher Moore.)

Looking at my reading habits, I've also decided that there should be a new genre - Sarcastic Literature. This new genre doesn't discriminate between fiction and non-fiction; anything goes. The poster author for Sarcastic Literature would be Laurie Notaro. Jon Stewart could be the spokesperson, and The Onion would be the official news source. I'm trying to imagine the genre spine sticker for Sarcastic Fiction, and the best I can come up with is a small round face with its tongue sticking out. Or a face with a very cynical expression.