Friday, October 15, 2004

Why You Should Be a Librarian

I compiled this list to hand out to middle school students for their career day. I also asked them (with the promise of a free t-shirt if they answered) what were some of the words that popped into their minds when I said the word librarian. "Cardigan" "old" "sssshh-ers" "mean" "crabby" "smart" "read often" were some of their replies. One at a time, we'll change their minds... they are, after all, future taxpayers and supporters of libraries.

Top 25 Reasons to Be a Librarian
Librarians change lives!
Access to practically all the information & knowledge in the world
Protectors of free speech and open information
Every day is totally different
Constantly learn something new
Use virtually everything you already know
Constant instant gratification and satisfaction
Use cutting edge technology, like wireless, MP3 players and ebooks
Be the ultimate search engine
Get to surf the Internet as part of the job
Teach people how to find answers to important questions
Beat your friends at Trivial Pursuit
People automatically think you’re smart
Influence government policies
Many different types of job opportunities – Public, Academic, Special Libraries and technology companies
Job growth, especially in special libraries, is expected to skyrocket by 2010
It’s not a boring desk job!
Great working conditions & co-workers
Opportunities to get involved in the community
Know when the best new books come out
Buy books and other fun materials with other people’s money
Access to the newest CDs, DVDs, magazines
Play with puppets, wear costumes and tell fantastic stories
Talk to all sorts of interesting people, from 8-year-olds to 88-year-olds
Arm young adults & children with knowledge and power

From ALA ... here's another list of why it's good to be a librarian right now. And no, not everything is on the Internet, nor will it ever be!


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