Friday, October 22, 2004

Succession Planning, Pt. II

The cover of Library Journal caught my eye yesterday after I had posted about succession planning - the cover is about salaries and the future of librarianship, but there's also an article,Your Library's Future, on what to do when the mass exodus happens. The article points out that many library administrators have little formal training on how to prepare budgets, maximize employee potential, manage buildings, etc. I think we'll see in the next generation of public library admin. the critical importance of a second master's degree in Public Administration or Public Services.

What follows succession planning is recruiting talented people within the library - and providing support to obtain an MLS so that they can fill professional roles. I'm talking about mentoring shelvers, reference aides, circulation staff, etc. We've got a captive audience, and they need encouragement to see how great librarianship can be. The library then needs to provide fair tuition reimbursement and a flexible schedule.


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